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Pathway Technosolutions India is associated with Pathway Technologies Incorporated based in Ambler, PA, USA. It provides engineered solutions for the design and development of distributed embedded systems comprising multiple electronic control units (ECUs: powerpc, x86), CAN based network (or variants), communication nodes and devices, other hardware, sensors, etc. PTI's software products seamlessly integrate the process of system design with code generation and calibration for such networked systems. Pathway's product line also includes boxed hardware solutions utilizing powerpc (mpc555, mpc565) and x86 (PC104) systems. PTI can help you in the design and development of custom System Design Tools catering to the specific processes of your organization.

Pathway also offers dedicated services for accelerating design processes. We offer engineering expertise in several areas including machine design, system modeling & simulation and design and development of advanced control systems for industrial, aerospace and automotive applications.

Pathway can be your one stop shop for

  • Local low to mid volume board and assembly shop partners

  • Far east sourcing for high volume board assembly partners

  • Multilayer FR-4, flex, and newer thermal clad substrates

  • Products which are CE, UL, Automotive E mark, FCC, etc tested