Aerospace \ Industrial Automation

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions
Aerospace Engineering

Our Expertise in Aerospace Engineering includes:

  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Space Systems
  • Formation Planning and Optimal Control of UAV
  • Trajectory Tracking and Optimization of Flight path
  • Dynamics and Control of Aircraft Systems
  • MEMS Applications in Spacecraft Attitude Control
  • Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Attitude Control
  • High Fidelity Modeling and Real-time Simulation
  • Rendezvous, Docking, and Berthing of Space Systems
  • Engineering Analysis and Performance Evaluation
  • ...


Our Expertise in Process Automation includes

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions
Industrial Automation
  • Real-time Interface - Processing, I/O, Communications
  • System Architecture and Requirements Specification
  • Process hardware - Signal Conditioning, Shielding and Cabling, Noise Mitigation, Networking
  • Mounting and Packaging
  • Interface Specification - Sensor/Actuator Interface, Power Supply
  • Signal and Safety Monitoring Interface
  • Operator/Control Interface
  • Production Code Generation
  • Post Processing, Visualization, and Animation
  • ...