Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions OpenSim:CompLink® integrates gcc for PowerPC with Simulink/RTW/Embedded coder, providing the capability of generating flash files for Motorola PowerPC 5XX family of CPUs from Simulink models without the need for additional compilers.

OpenSim:ProcessMonitor, OpenSim:ModelPartition, OpenSim:RoboticsToolkit are patent pending software.

Designed as a Toolbox which works in combination with the MathWorks's Simulink/RTW®, and Embedded Coder® software, OpenSim:Complink® harnesses the power of the open-source gcc compiler and is ideal for embedded developers transitioning from non-real time simulation to rapid prototyping.

OpenSim:CompLink® highlights include

  • Tight integration with Matlab/Simulink®
  • Keeping the toolbox very easy to use
  • Model calibration for rapid prototyping

Key Features

  • Integrates open-source compiler gcc with Matlab/Simulink/RTW/Embedded Coder®
  • Generate flash files from Matlab/Simulink® models for Motorola PowerPC (MPC5XX) CPU based targets
  • Monitoring and calibration using many available calibration tools including Pathway's OpenSim Suite


The MathWorks® RTW®/Embedded Coder® generates ANSI/ISO C code from Simulink & Stateflow models. Since OpenSim:CompLink® integrates the GNU gcc compiler, which is a fullfeatured ANSI C compiler, it is fully compatible with Simulink & Stateflow models.

Product Availability and Support

OpenSim:Complink® Toolbox is available for Windows platform for 32-bit microprocessors. Supported CPU types include Motorola PowerPC (MPC5XX family). In addition to product related technical support we also provide consulting services to customize the toolbox for your development environment.

Key Features of the OpenSim Suite of Calibration Software Tools:

  • Download a Simulink® model to a MPC5XX target using OpenSim: CompLink
  • Integrates Simulink® block and parameter information with calibration interface
  • Provides a single interface to monitor and calibrate the system
  • Virtual instrumentation based custom layouts for data logging & monitoring
  • Data logging on the host PC through the monitoring interface