Control Systems

Is your objective Design, Performance Evaluation, and System Integration? If so, we perform analytical, empirical and System Identification based studies. Our analysis can be Combined Discrete, Continuous, or Event/trigger Based. We pull out from a whole plethora of techniques to meet your objectives. You may be interested in a real-time or non-real time Simulation Environment and / or Hardware-in-the-loop Testing. And you may have simulation objectives such as

  1. Component Sizing
  2. Design Evaluation
  3. Control System Design
  4. optimize component, sub-system or system level selection of hardware
  5. Many more...

And of course, you may want to do these in conjunction with dynamometer testing, prototype testing etc. Your Simulation Test Objectives may involve System behavior Tests, Comparison with Real-world Test Data, Control Strategies, etc... And your problem may warrant different type of Simulations, such as

  1. Forward Simulation (Performance Evaluation)
    • Event Driven (Finite State Machines)
    • Hybrid System Simulation
  2. Backward Simulation (used for Sizing)

Apart from these you may require Optimization, Control, Calibration, Design Verification and Testing... This covers a wide range of techniques and a myriad of approaches. If you do not have this expertise in-house, do get in touch with us. We have experts in these fields, who, for years, have been helping companies forge ahead from the competition.

Case Study Case Study

The aim of this project was to design an estimation algorithm that computes the parameters for the system model whose structure is fixed apriori based upon system dynamics. The estimator communicates changes to the system parameters, if any, to the controller. The controller in turn adapts to the changes in system behavior to maintain the quality of control throughout the system life-cycle.