ECU and Electronics Design

Pathway Technologies Incorporated (PTI) has over 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of design, modeling and simulation based analysis of electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical systems.

The engineers here at Pathway have a strong grasp of the current situation and are thoroughly trained and kept up to date so that they may assist you in every way possible. Designing Electronic Control Units (ECUs), ECU prototyping, Code Generation, Custom Electronic Design, etc. are just some of the things we excell at.


A proven track record as a design, modeling & simulation expert who delivers top quality, on time, to large companies in the Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, and Industrial Automation sectors.

How can Pathway Technologies help you?

Companies have to constantly innovate and look to new research to gain a competitive advantage. Our team of highly qualified engineers continually work to understand your requirements and strive to provide you with a proposal that will help you develop practical innovative solutions. In most cases, we complete all work within the PTI premises. However, if so required, PTI engineers also work at the client sites to successfully complete the project. Thanks to their thorough knowledge of the physical phenomena at stake, PTI engineers can reduce the timeframe of your projects and thereby reduce development costs.