Our Expertise in Software Engineering includes

Engineering and Scientific Applications

  • Windows, Unix, Linux based applications.
  • C, C++, C#, .Net, Java Programming
  • GUI development, which consists of Visualization, Animation, Dials, and Gauges.

Embedded Applications

  • Microcontroller Programming.
  • Real-time Software Development
  • Applications for POSIX complaint Real-Time OSs' like QNX, LynxOS, VxWorks and etc.
  • Device Driver Development.
  • Real-time, Embedded Code Generation for variety of processors including DSPs.
  • Multi-processor Applications.

Eclipse Based IDE Tool Development

IDE based tools for providing specific functionality have gained popularity over the last couple of years. Companies (and groups within) prefer IDE based tools since different applications can be brought under one umbrella. IDE based tools using Eclipse have certain advantages:

  • Eclipse is open Source
  • Architecture based on plug-ins, that can be added any time
  • User can work on different type of applications through one single IDE
  • Many critical plugins are available free as open source and can be used as the base for addition of more features e.g. plugins for C++ based development; plugins for embedded development, plugins for XML, reports etc
  • Many commercially available tools provide functionality through plugins for seamless integration into one IDE
  • There is no dependence on a single vendor
  • Will work on non-windows platforms
  • Savings on development time and cost-resulting from in-built features in the platform

Pathway Technologies Incorporated significant expertise in and has successfully developed such Eclipse based IDE tools for their customers. One such tool is called ACES. This is a framework for development and configuration of embedded applications that cuts down drastically on development time.

Other than the features mentioned above, the following have been added as a part of the continuing development effort:

  • State Machine based blocks
  • state machine diagrams
  • state machine timers
  • State Machine Code generation
  • Statechart validation and saving the statechart
  • Automatic Slave I/O Message Generation
  • Table editing
  • ELF reader
  • Unit delay feedback
  • Integrated GNU based compiler
  • Repository Management

Pathway engineers have been instrumental in architecture development and design of this tool. The Eclipse based development has been completely architected by our engineers.