Model Based Design

"The pressure grows daily for Automotive Engineers to deliver new systems and products cheaper, better, and faster ..."

Pathway Technologies Provides SolutionsModel-based control design is a cost-effective approach that has become popular over the last decade. Pathway's engineers are familiar with the Model Based Design methodology. They use modeling tools such as MATLAB®/Simulink® to develop system dynamic models and control algorithms. Using these models we perform offline simulation for validation of the control design. These models form the basis for all subsequent prototyping and ECU implementation work.

The advantages of Model Based Design are:

Reduced Development Time through

  • Analytical Control Development/Off-line Simulations
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Reuse of system dynamic models for Hardware-in-the-loop testing

Cost Savings through

  • Reduced risk of damaging expensive hardware
  • Reuse of existing models

Smarter System

  • Better understanding of the physical phenomena
  • Optimized and fully tested robust control system
  • Improved reliability