OpenSim:ModelPartition is our distributed realtime control systems design solution.

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions

OpenSim:ModelPartition allows you to automatically distribute a model from one Simulink diagram to multiple real-time targets without having to write any extra code. It also automatically sets up the communication between targets and allows you to control and monitor all the different components of your model executing in different target hardware boxes from a single user interface.

OpenSim:ProcessMonitor, OpenSim:ModelPartition, OpenSim:RoboticsToolkit are patent pending software.

Key Features

  • Distributed real time architecture using either NIST Real Time Control Systems library or Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Automatically generate and distribute partitions from Simulink to multiple real-time targets
  • Does not require any code to be written by the user for creating the distributed system
  • Reduce design to implementation times for distributed systems -Easily re-design and test distributed systems
  • Flexible, scalable, and extensible architecture
  • Monitor (start execution, stop execution, read parameters, update parameters, read model execution data) distributed applications from a single Graphical User Interface

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions OpenSim:ModelPartition comes packaged with a fully functional version of the Calibration GUI used in OpenSim:ProcessMonitor that works with the distributed architecture.

  • Easily navigate your model with intuitive tree views of your Matlab/Simulink model
  • Create intuitive virtual instrument layouts using a variety of widgets and an easy to use pick and place interface
  • Drag and drop interface for attaching signals and parameters to instruments for monitoring model execution and realtime performance tuning of your design
  • Record signal data at each time step for detailed visualization and post-process analysis

Integration with MATLAB/Simulink

  • Automatically distribute a Simulink model to multiple real-time targets
  • OpenSim GUI provides full control of download of individual model partitions to their respective targets
  • Integrates Simulink block and parameter information with monitoring interface
  • Intuitive tree view of signals and parameters in the model for easy model navigation
  • Drag and drop facility to attach signals and parameters to widgets
  • Parameter tuning in realtime without affecting model execution

Instrument panel layouts

  • Prepare custom layouts for data monitoring
  • Variety of graphic widgets for data visualization
  • Dial, Knob, Gauge, Slider, Numeric, CheckBox, 2 Position, 3 Position and Multi-Position Switch, Time based Plot, XY Plot
  • Highly customizable widgets
  • Pick and place interface for adding widgets to a layout
  • Drag and drop facility to attach signals and parameters to widgets
  • Easy and intuitive creation of layouts by moving and resizing widgets
  • Allows data logging on host PC for all targets
  • Data logging for all targets can be controlled through the monitoring interface
  • Data acquisition can be done at model rates or at user specified rates
  • Export logged data into Microsoft Excel or Matlab workspace for analysis


  • Easily track all files of an experiment
  • Launch and open files from the tree view
  • Create multiple layouts with widgets and associated signals
  • Use any layout at a given time
  • Save the open/close states of files upon closing the project. When the project is re-loaded, the files that were open when the project was last loaded, will automatically be opened

Flash Programming

  • Download flash files and boot code to powerpc based targets from the GUI
  • Save parameter sets for re-use
  • Update parameters in flash files without re-compiling the Simulink model


  • TCP/IP communication over the LAN or through a crossover cable between target and host PC
  • CAN support between target and host PC

Download product brief: OpenSim:ModelPartition