Pathway Technologies Provides SolutionsProcessMonitor is our interface for monitoring and tuning your real-time application as it is executing in the target hardware.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly ports your model based designs to embedded hardware for real-time testing using the scripts provided
  • Tree view of your model structure is provided in the GUI to help you navigate your model hierarchy and easily access signals and parameters
  • Create intuitive virtual instrumentation layouts using a variety of widgets and an easy to use pick and place interface
  • Drag and drop interface for attaching signals and parameters (of your application) to widgets (virtual instruments) for monitoring model execution and for real-time performance tuning of your design
  • Record signal data at each time step for post-processing and analysis
  • Extensible architecture delivered using NIST RCS solution that does not limit you to a real-time solution from a single vendor

Integration with MATLAB/Simulink k

  • Compile Simulink models directly from MATLAB interface using a GUI driven script (for xPC Target and MPC5xx Targets only)
  • Intuitive tree view of signals and parameters in the Simulink model for easy model navigation during real-time testing
  • Drag and drop facility to attach Simulink model signals and parameters to widgets ets
  • Parameter tuning in real-time
  • Data logging on host PC in real-time and data export to MATLAB and MS Excel
  • Connect to or disconnect from target hardware without affecting model execution on target hardwareware

Instrument panel layouts

  • Variety of custimizable graphic widgets for data visualization
  • Dial, Knob, Gauge, Slider, Numeric, CheckBox, 2 Position, 3 Position and Multi-Position Switch, Time based Plot, XY Plot, etc
  • Pick and place interface for adding widgets to a layout
  • Easy and intuitive creation of layouts by moving and resizing widgets
  • Logging widgets for recording data at every time step for indefinite lengths of time


  • Easily track all files related to an experiment with an intuitive tree view
  • Launch and open files from the tree view
  • Save the open/close states of files upon closing the project. When the project is re-loaded, the files that were open when the project was last loaded, will automatically be opened


  • TCP/IP communication over the LAN or through a crossover cable between target and host PC for xPC Target
  • CAN support between target and host PC for MPC5xx Target

Real-Time Target Support

  • xPC Target from The MathWorks
  • MPC5xx Target from The MathWorks

OpenSim:ProcessMonitor, OpenSim:ModelPartition, OpenSim:RoboticsToolkit are patent pending software.

Download product brief: OpenSim:ProcessMonitor