Pelican 104

Pelican 104 is a compact ruggedized embedded industrial PC system that combines performance and I/O flexibility.

Pelican 104 is specifically designed for embedded control applications such as rapid control prototyping and fleet vehicle testing. Pelican 104 has been well tested with the xPC Target™ real-time kernel from The MathWorks and Third party's OpenSim calibration software. Pelican104 provides exceptional performance and IO flexibility (upto 8 IO boards via PC104 and PC104+ interfaces) with low power consumption.


Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions Pelican 104 is a ruggedized industrial PC system which combines performance and I/O expandability in a compact package. Pelican 104 is designed to provide OpenSim/xPC Target™ users with an compact, PC-based, target system for real-time test and measurement applications based on Simulink models (such as Rapid Control Prototyping). Using these products, engineers can quickly develop and validate their embedded control strategies/designs in real time.

  • A compact, PC/104 form factor based, ruggedized industrial PC system
  • Processors selected from Intel's embedded program to ensure long term availability
  • Provides cost-effective I/O configurations for rapid control prototyping
  • Low power consumption
  • Reliable in-vehicle operation
  • Provides both AC and DC input power (for in-vehicle use) operation
  • Supports a wide variety of I/O options for typical rapid prototyping and HIL requirements, such as A/D, D/A, DIO, PWM, counters, timers, encoders, and CAN bus
  • Supports on-board data logging to a Compact Flash card for xPC Target™
  • Pelican 104 enables use of xPC Target™ embedded option for host computer free system operation with xPC Target™
  • Front and rear populated I/O connectors (Automotive grade connectors available)
Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions

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