OpenSim:Robotics Toolkit

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions RoboticsToolkit is a set of tools for designing and analyzing robotic workcells. The Robotics Toolkit graphical environment provides fast construction and manipulation with immediate 3D graphical feedback for serial and parallel robot models and robotic workcells. Any aspect of the workcell and robots can be interactively modifed. The kinematics and dynamics of the robotic workcell are automatically constructed. The workcell operation can be simulated in either realtime or non-realtime and the graphical model is animated using the simulation data. Integration with MATLAB and Simulink provides added value to the existing users of these products.

OpenSim:ProcessMonitor, OpenSim:ModelPartition, OpenSim:RoboticsToolkit are patent pending software.

Key Features

  • Intuitive interface for construction of serial and parallel robots and workcells.
  • Jog mode for direct manipulation of workcell and robots.
  • Generation of equivalent MATLAB, Simulink and SimMechanics models. MATLAB, Simulink and SimMechanics based simulation.
  • Automatic generation of MATLAB S-Functions for solving forward and inverse kinematics.
  • Accessible history of all calculated robot Jacobians at each end effector position.
  • Collision detection and obstacle avoidance.
  • Key frames based trajectory construction.
  • Trajectory planning and optimization.
  • Manipulability of robot at each end effector position.