Tiger 565

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions

Compact, stand-alone prototyping unit with real-time hardware, I/O, and signal conditioning

Key Features

Test and optimize control functions rapidly and reliably in real time

  • Compact design for in-vehicle prototyping and calibration
  • Long-term data acquisition on host pc

Application Areas

Tiger 565 ECU can be used for rapid control prototyping (RCP) of stand-alone or distributed embedded systems, for example:

  • Powertrain control
  • Fan drive control
  • ABS control
  • ...

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions Tiger565 BDM Port

Key Benefits

Tiger 565 hardware packs comprehensive I/O in a compact, cost-effective package. This lets you equip several vehicles or a whole test fleet to check the reliability of your control functions. Moreover, with our comprehensive software and hardware support, you can also keep overall system costs low. Tiger 565 offers interfaces for CAN bus system.

More Features

Application programs are stored in nonvolatile memory, allowing Tiger 565 to start up autonomously after power-up. A PC or notebook can be connected to Tiger 565 for program download, data monitoring and data logging.

Download product brief: Tiger 565

We also design and fabricate customized ECU. For more information about ECU design click here.