Control Systems

We perform analytical, empirical and System Identification based studies. Our analysis can be Combined Discrete, Continuous, or Event/trigger Based. You may be interested in a real-time or non-real time Simulation Environment and / or Hardware-in-the-loop Testing. And you may have simulation objectives such as: Component Sizing, Design Evaluation, Control System Design ...

ECU Design

Pathway provides ECU Prototyping, ECU Hardware Design, Custom Target Code Generation solutions for their clients in the automotive, commercial vehicle, medical electronics and industrial automation industry sectors. We offer products and services for design, fabrication and vehicle implementation.

IT Solutions

Pathway provides IT solutions based on model using both on- and off-shore development. We specialize in .Net based projects. We also develop plug-ins for Eclipse. With our expertise in embedded systems, we develop solutions on various embedded platforms.

Industry Segments
  • Automotive \ Truck Our expertise in the Automotive and Truck sector is based on experience in many diverse disciplines such as Vehicle Dynamics Simulation, HIL, Embedded Development, Mechatronics, Solid Modeling etc. Click here for more details.

  • Aerospace \ Industrial Automation We have years of experience in Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Space Systems. Click here for more details.

  • Energy \ Smart Grid At the core of smarter energy usage must be a way to control home devices in addition to smart vehicles. Pathway excels at such aumation devices as well as necessary algorithms. Click here for more details.

Our Mission

Intelligent embedded electronic solutions - the real power behind energy and mobility.

As smart energy begins to dictate the way we live, every other automobile will be a plug-in hybrid, buildings will be a solar power plants, and neighborhoods will be wind farms. In this new Smart Energy driven technology development, intelligent embedded electronics will play a significant role. Pathway's technology expertise and customer base offer a unique advantage to deploy products and services for "Command, Communication, Control, and Intelligence" that are transparent across industry segments.

Pathway Technologies Provides Solutions
Expertise in Diversity


  • Pathway announces the release of a 19" Rack Mount PC Target compatible Hardware-In-The-Loop engineering simulator with FPGA based I/O cards.

  • Pathway announces the release of OpenSim ModelPartition 2.1.12 for MATLAB® R2011a and OpenSim Run-Time 1.0. This update is available at no charge to our customers.